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Why JRM Technology

JRM Technologies is named after Jack Kilby, Robert Noyce and Marcian Hoff. The company was established on April 2010. The company specializes in electronic and embedded servicing to its clients.

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May 6

Beagle Bone / RPi Embedded Linux

10:00am - 5:00pm

JRM Tech

May 13

IoT and node.js

10:00am - 5:00pm

JRM Tech

May 20

Smart Energy using IoT

10:00AM- 5:00pm

JRM Tech

May 27


10:00AM - 5:00PM

JRM Tech

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Electronic Design Services

Quality electronic design services can be difficult to find. The scarcity of high-level design and verification resources affects the development of many electronic designs. JRM Technologies serves as a natural extension of your engineering team to achieve faster time-to-market and high electronic innovation.

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Electronic design services demand a high level of expertise and specialization. Many companies require the services of an experienced electronic design company or consultant to expedite the development process. In fast-paced industries, time-to-market is crucial; JRM Technologies takes on mandates in electronic product development and brings the skills and specializations to send quality items to market quickly and efficiently. The company also serves as an unbiased third party for system verification at any phase of project development, and demonstrates a clear ROI for early stage system verification of electronic projects. This combination of innovative engineering, physical design and appropriate gradients to turnkey manufacturing maximizes our clients' market opportunities by bringing product solutions into existence efficiently. While focusing on the big picture, we pay precise attention to detail because technical competence is the key factor to an expedient and cost-effective design cycle. And we offer a multidisciplinary team with broad knowledge in relevant technologies and proven methodologies to fully implement our integrated approach. Whether you have an immediate and pressing problem to solve, a full development effort or just need some extra engineering support for a critical project, we can provide resourceful solutions you can rely on to bring product success. JRM Technologies provides technical alternatives and reduces the costs associated with bringing on new personnel. You get a managed solution for rapid development, design, prototyping, and production JRM Technologies can help you refine your concept, define the specification and with careful consideration of the end goals in manufacturing and effective routine communication throughout a well-documented development process   -   move your product more rapidly and cost effectively through development to testing and production.